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At Studio Hue we are dedicated to natural, beautiful results.  Our artists are committed to providing long term success for our guests by utilizing advanced education and signature techniques.  To ensure the most comfortable experience possible, we use premium anesthetics, pigments, needles, and healing products .


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$450 - $650


Microblading is a manual method of tattooing that replicates the look of hair strokes in the eyebrow. Results can last 6 months to upwards of 24 months depending on skin type, lifestyle, and care. Microblading is best for younger, firm skin without fine lines or wrinkles, and medium to full brow density. A 1-3 year touch up is recommended.

$525 - 775


A fully shaded technique that best replicates a makeup look is called Ombre or Powder Brow. This technique can range from soft and airy to dense and bold. Ombre Powder Brows are best for guests who regularly fill their brows with makeup, have oily skin, or work out frequently. This option is recommended for delicate and mature skin as it is the gentlest of all brow treatments. A 2-3 year touch up is recommended.



Our lash line enhancement is the softest of all liner techniques.  In fact, this isn't eyeliner at all!  This technique lives at the base of the eye, in between the lashes, to create a fuller, darker lash line.  The healed result is not visible when the eye is closed like traditional liner, it is only seen when the eye is open!  The results can last anywhere from 6 months to upwards of 24 months depending on skin type, lifestyle, and care.  A 2-3 year touch up is recommended.

$350 per side


Areola restoration is a service for breast cancer survivors who need their areolas restored after mastectomy surgery. Our customized service creates realistic, 3D results that restore the areola to a natural and beautiful state. It is recommended to wait 6 months from the last surgery and to be finished with all treatment before tattooing

$300 per session


Removing unwanted pigment from the skin is a highly requested service at Studio Hue.  Whether you received permanent makeup from years ago and want to start over, or you're in need of an emergency removal, our trained artists will help you get back on track.

Saline lightening requires multiple services to successfully lift old tattoo pigment to the surface of the skin. Please email photos of your area to be lightened to  If you have received permanent makeup within the past 48 hours and need emergency removal, please call or text us at 937. 550. 9078



If you'd love to chat with us in person prior to receiving your service, we are here for you! During this 30 minute session, your artist will walk you through the tattooing process, address your questions or concerns, and professionally recommend the best treatment option for you. Please call or email to schedule.

$500 - $750


When microblading is combined with shaded techniques, a Combo Brow is created. The healed result will replicate a soft makeup fill with some hair strokes added. This option is best for guests with minimal existing eyebrow hair, prefer less daily maintenance with makeup, or have combination skin. Combo brows are our most popular service. A 1-3 year touch up is recommended.



Permanent eyeliner enhances the natural beauty of your eyes and makes doing your makeup quick and easy.  Eyeliner can range from soft and subtle to dark and smokey.  Depending on the shape of your eyes, a subtle wing can be added.  If your eyelids are hooded, the amount of liner done may change. Please note, Studio Hue only offers top eyeliner.  Results can last anywhere from 6 months to upwards of 24 months depending on skin type, lifestyle, and care.  A 2-3 year touch up is recommended.



If you're a winged eyeliner fan, this look is for you! Foxy liner adds the most drama compared to other eyeliner looks. This service combines winged eyeliner and a smokey ombre effect for maximum impact! Results can last anywhere from 6 months to upwards of 24 months depending on skin type, lifestyle, and care.  A 2-3 year touch up is recommended.



Lip blush is the softest of all permanent makeup for lips. This service results in a “tinted” look rather than a fully saturated or lined look. Results can last upwards of 18 months depending on the skin and lifestyle. Touch ups every 12-24 months are recommended.



Eyebrow lamination is a semi-permanent service that helps to create your "fluffiest" eyebrows possible! This is a chemical service that relaxes your natural growth pattern so all brow hair can be brushed up with ease, creating a full and combed up appearance. Results last 6-8 weeks.



Struggling to fill in your brows? Whether you're looking for a color match for your new permanent makeup or you just want a little coaching, Studio Hue's exclusive line of brow products will elevate your look in minutes. Sit down with one of our pros for a one-on-one tutorial on how to achieve your best brows yet!

Erica and Micaela are the sweetest people!! They welcome you and make you feel so comfortable from the start. Erica did my eyebrows and Micaela did my eyeliner. Both look amazing and were painless! I truly didn't feel a thing! I'm an aesthetician and anytime a client asks me about permanent makeup, I suggest Studio Hue.

Tiffany Goins

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