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In permanent makeup, the term "HUE" identifies a color by name and distinguishes it from others. Our signature triangle is a glyph - a purposeful mark and representation, that means "TRANSFORM".


Hue isn't just a color to us, it's a story. It's the courage to grow, to change, and to be empowered. Maybe it's beating cancer, burying an insecurity, or chasing a dream to a new career. Maybe it's self care and confidence. Whether it's the start of a new chapter or the closing of a book entirely - it's your story.


We transform so much more than looks at Studio Hue. Your story is a part of ours, and with all our love, welcome.


At Studio Hue, education and safe practices are paramount. Our artists are insured by PPIB with full liability insurance, and have current blood borne pathogens and first aid training certifications. Studio Hue is also proudly accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals. We always pass our Board of Health inspections with flying colors, and Studio Hue's owner, Erica, has presented to our local sanitarians at the Southwest Ohio Environmental Health Association Conference about microblading. Between the 4 amazing artists at our studio, we have a combined total of 18 permanent makeup training certifications!



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